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As professional food handler you are aware of the risks involved with your own ice production. With SWISS ICE you have a solution at hand with untainted packaged ice and lower costs. You prevent bottlenecks or overproduction. As event manager you enjoy our customized solutions, including freezers and refrigerator trucks. And you can return unused ice.

Carefree with SWISS ICE.




Comprehensive advice: the professionals at SWISS ICE support hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs in all aspects concerning ice. We develop with you a solid ice and cooling strategy.

Comprehensive product range: our ice products satisfy all your expectations. In addition to the standard products we provide you with colored ice cubes, ice cubes with objects, ice shot glasses, ice balls and other innovative ice products.

Freezer and storage solutions: SWISS ICE is your reliable partner for freezing and storage solutions and for the construction of cold rooms. On top of our attractive sales and rental options for brand equipment you can use our refrigerator trucks and our complete ice bar on wheels.


SWISS ICE at your event: For many years we have provided many festival, parties and concerts with ice and refrigerator trucks for catering and bars. If the cooling chain has been consistent and the packed ice is in untainted condition you can return any unused ice.

What do you need? SWISS ICE delivers ice cubes, crushed ice, hollow ice or ice shot glasses at fair conditions in the right amounts, packed in refrigerator trucks, with or without freezers. You can rent our outstanding ice bar on wheels as well.

Special events: We carve, chisel and build sculptures from ice blocks big and small for all kinds of promotional activities, product launches and presentations, birthdays, company anniversaries and other festivities. Our artistic sculptures inspire.


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