Efficient and cost-saving

Just like in the gastronomy a re-thinking has taken place in retail and industry as well: replace the cumbersome and costly in-house production with deliveries and fine tuned storage. It is quite cheaper to have ice delivered and be more flexible regarding shapes than producing ice in-house.

Efficient, cheaper and fine-tuned with SWISS ICE.




In addition to the all the ice product you can obtain from us, we are your experts for refrigerators, freezers, refrigerated display cases and tables, process and drive-in cabinets, pizza stations, freezer tables, saladettes, attachments and buffets, tubs, chests and islands, keg and waste coolers and sales counters.



We support you in all issues concerning industrial cooling with or without ice. Depending on the process and the requirements we’ll find an innovative solution for your cooling and ice demands in the chemical industry, in the metals industry and in other industrial sectors.



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