With the best tools available

Of course, you can also get any kind of equipment from SWISS ICE: sales chests for your POS, storage freezers for the gastronomy and for event organizers. You can rent the ice bar, refrigerator trucks or refrigerator trailers as well as any other supply and instruments for the correct handling of ice.

All the handy equipment of SWISS ICE.


Sales and storage chests

Correct ice storage.


Example 1: storage freezer

GTL 3005 / content 299 l




Example 2: sales freezer

GTE 4152 / content 417 l



Freezers with ventilated refrigeration and other  appliances on request.

Coolers (styrofoam ice box), shovels, mobile ice tub

Well equipped.


Rent or buy from SWISS ICE:


  • Mobile ice tub
    Daily rent CHF 50.- / Buy for CHF 2’800.- 2’800 (6 to 8 week delivery time)

  • Coolers (styrofoam ice box) for 20 kg ice
    White (LxWxH 600 x 400 x 320 mm)
    Buy for CHF 12.-

  • Ice shovel 260 mm
    White (LxW w/o handle 155 x 90 mm)
    Buy for CHF 12.-


The ice bar

The ice bar on wheels.

eisbar innen white 1 800×450
eisbar innen blue 1 800×450
eisbar innen green 1800×450


Ideal for..

  • Company events
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Party events
  • Bars
  • Bachelor parties
  • Exhibitions
  • Marketing events
  • Private events
  • Club events
  • Public events   

Rent the ice bar for 1 day starting at CHF 990.-, additional days by special arrangements.

Multi-cooler trailer

The cool trailer.

swiss ice service trailer 1 800×450
swiss ice service trailer 2 800×450
swiss ice service trailer 3 800×450


Examples Multi-Cooler

Our multi-cooler works within a temperature range of -20°C to +15°C and picks up 4 euro pallets, each with 500 kg ice.

  •     1 day CHF 100.00
  •     7+ days by special arrangements


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